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How To Get Rid Of Ants

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It seems like each spring brings ants back into the homes and businesses of many residing in Chicagoland.

Ants work in teams, so finding one entering your home or business likely indicates the presence of many others.

If ants have already made their way in, it's nearly impossible to suggest that they'll be leaving on their own anytime soon.

Homeowners and businesses have pondered how to get rid of ants for centuries.

Starks Pest Control Chicago applies an aggressive method of ant extermination often eradicating the infestation with as little as one application.

Ants Exterminator Chicago Infestation Example

Do I Have an Ant Problem?

The following signs will most likely indicate the presence of an ant infestation in need of immediate pest control.

  • Ants have made their way into exposed food, including pet food.
  • Random ants crawling around your home in a variety of locations.
  • Large ant nests at or near the foundation of your home or business.

Getting Rid Of Your Ant Problems

Taking Steps To Prevent an Ant Infestation Effectively

When folks ask how to get rid of ants, often the answer lies in effectively preventing the problem.

Identifying easy access points around your home and sealing these cracks will act as a great deterrent to future ant problems.

Starks Pest Control Chicago offers the amenities provided by national extermination companies, with the affordability and dedication of a local business.

We are able to end most infestations in as little as one application, and provide excellent customer service from start to finish.