Foraging Ants Create Issues For Home Owners

Identifying An Ant Problem

Many people believe that the first signs of an ant infestation are trails of ants entering and exiting their home or business, typically in a kitchen or pantry area.

Thankfully, these situations often turn out to be foraging ants merely looking for food to return to their nest.

Other more serious situations often turn out to be the treacherous carpenter ant, known to make their homes inside the walls of structures.

How Can I Tell They're Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter ants are large and black in appearance. They are much more noticeable than foraging ants due to their much larger size. Carpenter ants make their homes by eating through damp, often rotten wood.

The damage caused by carpenter ants burrowing into these crucial areas can cause several thousands of dollars in structural damage if not handled correctly.

Carpenter Ant Infestation Example

Easy Ways To Identify Carpenter Ants

  • Carpenter ants live in rotten wood. If you do not have any rotten wood visible in or around the exterior of your home, carpenter ants may still be living in the floors or walls.
  • Often homeowners are able to listen in on insect activity by placing their ear to walls or floors. If you're near the infestation, you will hear the carpenter ant colony hard at work!
  • Inspect the outside of your home for areas that often encounter pooled water from broken pipes or storm drains. These are prime locations for carpenter ants to make their way inside of the structure.
  • Have Starks Pest Control Chicago conduct a professional inspection, which will immediately identify the scope of the ant problem.

Identifying An Ant Problem

How Do Foraging Ants Differ From Carpenter Ants?

Though foraging ants pose a much lower overall risk than carpenter ants, their mere presence in a home or business can be enough to make the skin crawl.

We recommend the following actions to prevent and end any foraging ant problem you may experience.

  • Clear open areas of food remnants. Keep food storage areas clean and orderly.
  • Ensure that all pantry kept foods are stored securely in durable containers.
  • Monitor all pet food dishes for foraging ant activity. Remove and return during set feeding times if needed, while storing excess food in a durable container.
  • Seal up visible entry points with a caulking gun or a similar sealing agent.

Carpenter ants and foraging ants can drive home and business owners crazy.

With the information you've learned here and the trusted assistance of Starks Pest Control Chicago, rest assured that any ant problem can be remedied quickly with the right team.