How To Identify Bed Bugs Bites

How To Tell Bed Bugs Bites From Other Insects

If you suspect that your home or business has a bed bug infestation, bites are typically a clear indication of this pest problem.

Why Do Bed Bugs Bite People?

Bed bugs have to feed on humans or animals, as blood serves as their only source of food. Biting humans serves bed bugs in many stages of their life span.

Baby bed bugs must consume blood in order to become adults and reproduce.

Once adults, female bed bugs consume blood to sustain egg production, creating the next generation of creepy crawlers.

What Do Bed Bugs Bites Look Like?

Typically appearing as small inflamed, itchy areas on the skin, bed bugs bites can often be either flat or raised and often can become blistered depending on the severity of the bite.

The bodily response to a bed bugs bite can sometimes take a few days before symptoms become apparent.

People react differently to being bitten by bed bugs, so sometimes it can be difficult to determine for sure whether or not a bite has come from a bed bug.

More than likely, other underlying factors will be present that will either prove or disprove a bed bug infestation.

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Signs Of Bed Bug Infestation

  • Confirmed sightings of bed bugs behind headboards, or any crevice near a sleeping area
  • Blood stains on sheets, mattress or clothing
  • Bed bugs shells or skins found on or near your sleeping area
  • Liquid fecal waste, resembling dark brown or black stains.

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How Are Bed Bug Bites Different Than Other Insect Bites?

Often becoming visible only after several days, bed bug bites affect individuals differently. Some may experience welts, swollen areas of skin, or itchy patches of rash like bites.

Experts suggest those who may have bed bug bites to refrain from itching the affected area, as this proves to worsen the skin and can lead to infections.

Probability Of Bed Bugs Infestation

Especially in the summer months in Chicago, we may mistake a simple heat rash for bed bugs bites.

When trying to diagnose a pest control problem, often we maybe jump to the first conclusion that our smartphone has to offer.

In the case of bed bugs, there are almost always other underlying signs that can help support the suspicion that they're the source of the bites.

Checking your mattress and sheets for blood stains, dead bed bugs, or eggs can often support the sudden appearance of insect bites.

When To Call A Bed Bug Exterminator

Once you've been able to confirm that bed bugs are the source of your insect bites, you must reach out to a pest control professional.

Starks Pest Control Chicago offers free estimates and can also confirm if bed bugs are in fact the source of your suspected infestation.

Our professionals will apply a treatment to your home or business that protects against 16 known pests and insects, guaranteeing that the premises will be free of pests for 2 months minimum.

With over a decade serving the Chicagoland area through bed bug extermination services, we understand the havoc these pests can wreak onto a home or business.

No one deserves to live as a food source for bed bugs. We're dedicated to ensuring that you're off of the bed bug menu as soon as possible.