How To Get Rid of Carpenter Bees

How To Get Rid of Carpenter Bees

Though rarely aggressive and typically harmless in a physical sense, carpenter bees can cause thousands in damage for residents and business owners alike.

Despite being harmless in nature, an infestation of carpenter bees can cause much more than headaches if ignored.

Do Carpenter Bees Sting?

Yes and no. Male carpenter bees do not have stingers, while their female counterparts do have stingers.

Female carpenter bees are less likely to sting than bumble bees because of their docile nature. However, if directly handled, female carpenter bees will sting out of defense.

What Damage Can Carpenter Bees Cause?

Drilling their ways into exposed, vulnerable woodwork, carpenter bees can go from 1 foot to as deep as 4 feet into wood surfaces to make their nests. The female carpenter bees are responsible for this drilling, starting in the months of April and May.

Female carpenter bees will drill cells into wood surfaces and structures, that eventually become their nests. Though a female carpenter bee can only lay up to 10 eggs during their life, if numerous carpenter bees target a single structure for nesting, this can be a large cause for concern.

Carpenter Bees Infestation Example

Signs That Carpenter Bees Are Living In Your Building

  • Listening closely to wood reveals the noise of carpenter bees hard at work
  • The presence of bees amongst piles of sawdust
  • Bees flying and buzzing around wood, protecting their nest
  • Perfect round holes leading into untreated wood surfaces

How To Get Rid of Carpenter Bees

First, never take the docile nature of carpenter bees for granted. If threatened, female carpenter bees will sting you. Carpenter bees are less active during the evening hours, so this provides the ideal time to begin your efforts to exterminate their nest.

Prevent an Infestation

During spring months, you may notice carpenter bees flying around your property. Take this opportunity as a time for prevention.

Swat and kill these bees on sight, as they're surveying your building for potential burrowing targets.

Remember, carpenter bees do become aggressive when threatened, so wear clothing that provides optimal skin coverage.

Destroying a Carpenter Bee Nest

If carpenter bees have already made their way into your building, following methods are very effective in clearing out a nest and ending an infestation.

  • Spray Nest Holes With Aerosol Carburetor Cleaner
  • Spray Nest Holes With Borid Turbo Aerosol
  • Pack Nest Holes With Steel Wool
  • Caulk The Nest Holes Shut

Call An Exterminator

Starks Pest Control Chicago are experts are preventing and ending a carpenter bee infestation.

Contact us as soon as you suspect an infestation may exist, and our team of pest control professionals will survey the area and report back with our immediate findings.